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Storm Sunday: Group Dynamic

xfullToday we celebrate the superhero team picture!  There’s something really awesome about seeing your favorite heroes mug for the camera (who’s taking this picture anyway?).  This 1990s fold out poster from the deluxe edition of X-Men #1 is drawn by Jim Lee and inked by Scott Williams.  We’ve got the X-Men Blue & Gold Teams, X-Force, Excalibur and X-Factor!  Can you believe this was all the assembled mutants at that time?  I wonder how many fold out pages would it take to fit all of the mutants running around the titles today?  I was a huge Jim Lee fan back in the day and his art brings back some great memories.  I like how the “X” in this poster is made up of Iceman’s ice and it’s great to see Beast up front and center.

davis_x-menAlan Davis drew this image of the X-Men flying (Let’s pretend Jean Grey is telekinetically lifting the ones who cannot fly).  Cyclop’s optic blasts divide the characters in the middle into their past and present selves.  Particularly interesting is the Angel/Archangel and Classic Storm/90s Storm divides.  It’s great to see X-Baby Wolverine on here and I love love love the fact that Cypher (RIP, buddy) is on here, too (Fused with Warlock).  

thepalm_colJoe Quesada drew this image for the The Palm restaurant in New York and features most of Marvel’s marquee names.  Comic Book Resources has some photos of Joe in the process of painting the mural and some more information.  I particularly like how fiercely in control Storm looks here.  She’s super charged elemental intensity!

XMEN_POSTERBOOK_int.inddDave Cockrum drew this classic (And I mean classic!) image for his run on Uncanny, pitting the original five versus the All-New, All-Different team.  Can you believe this used to be the entire roster of the X-Men (Not counting Havok and Polaris)?  Amazing.  I miss when teams had just five or six members.  It was easier to get to know the characters.  They had more fully realized personalities and weren’t just a codename with some powers.  Cockrum knew how to give everyone unique looks as well.  Yes, everyone’s bodies are typically superheroic, but their faces and builds are unique.  His work continues to set a standard for comics excellence.


The Champions by Joe Rubinstein


“Faces of Evil” Variant Comic


  1. That Jim Less X-Men poster is amazing! I really miss his take on these characters. X-Men 1 as to be one of my favourite comics ever.

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Obviously, that should read “Jim Lee”!


  3. I think my favorite part of the Lee poster is Rachel…when she first appeared in the books (long before he was on the scene, art-wise or any-wise) she was a rather conflicted character, which he captures quite well here. Nowadays, she’s a mess of conflicted takes on the writer’s part(s).

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