Storm Arcana

Do you want to maximize potential at your company?

I intuitively counsel individual and corporate clients, utilizing tools of positive psychology like the Tarot, numerology, astrology and the Kabbalah. Research has shown that creating a positive mindset primes one’s creativity and innovation, and leads to success in both professional and personal sectors. I am able to apply these same methods to businesses as a whole for corporate synergy and strategy.

Are you on the verge of starting, expanding or changing a business?

I can help you examine key factors in your approach to achieving success. A recent client in an expanding startup was able to solidify her business plan working with me. My Tarot and numerology guidance provided her insight towards building a supportive structure as she laid the groundwork for her new venture.

Heroic Tarot is a fun way to promote happiness and it also leads to bottom-line results. Contact me for your business consultation today!

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