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“He Looked to the Sky”: Mixed Media Journal Painting by stormantic

he-looked-to-the-sky-painting1Today’s showcase:  a mixed media collage journal I created and have on sale at Swankety Swank in San Francisco.  Do visit the store as it is amazing, featuring handmade art by local artists!  Many more of my art journals and paintings are on display there!
he-looked-to-the-sky-painting-frontCloseup of the front.  The white on black type was taken from a DC Comics memorial ad commemorating Jerry Siegel (co-creator of Superman, natch!) and the black on white type came from a children’s book.  I just really liked how they read together.  The skulls were a gift from my Gonaway and are screenprinted on fabric.
he-looked-to-the-sky-painting-backThe back of the journal has a great image from a postcard advertising a play placed over a page from a dictionary.  More Joe Siegel commemorative words are below.  I used acylics, watercolor and ink on this journal.

he-looked-collage-front-and-backThis is the original collage before the painting process.  The images are applied wet (after the paper is soaked) with matte medium.  After the book is painted, I coat the covers three times with polycrylic.


A Brand New Dish


The Champions by Joe Rubinstein


  1. discomeg

    cool. whats on the inside?

  2. stormantic

    On the inside there are blank unlined pages for whatever amazing art the muse inspires its owner to create!

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