Art Nouveau Tarot - The Sun

Art Nouveau Tarot – The Sun

Have you ever met someone whose very being radiated light, bringing a special kind of joy into your presence? That is the power in Tarot traditionally represented by card 19, the Sun. This kind of person’s energy is bright and shiny because they choose to focus on the positive aspects of life. People that channel this high vibration are a blessing to be around and are a source of inspiration to everyone who encounters them! Today I want to introduce you to someone like that in my life, even though I have never met them in person. 

Teal Swan shares her wisdom weekly on YouTube on a range of topics. Most of them focus on how to live your life with a higher vibration. I see her as a great teacher for positive change. In the video below, she discusses why it is imperative that we all dedicate our lives to happiness and lists several ways to do so. I hope that you find her message to be of some assistance. Enjoy!

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