New Years in Victor

“Sit in your point of attraction and watch things move around as they come to you.” ~Abraham-Hicks
Blessings are in abundance all around us and it can be a great source of joy to simply relax and count the ones we cannot ignore. Therefore, I am celebrating the sixth (!) anniversary of Heroic Tarot by sharing four of the lovely reviews and letters I received the last week of 2014! Like many gifts, they are a reflection of the sender as much as they are of the recipient. Thank you to everyone who took the time to write (I have a special New Year’s wish for everyone in this post as well). This short and sweet note came from a person who had never received a Tarot reading before:

I really enjoyed the reading. It was both insightful and fun. I was really impressed by your knowledge and hospitality and I will gladly recommend you to friends. Thanks very much for your hard work.
On Yelp, this enthusiastic reviewer gave Heroic Tarot 5 Stars, saying:

The absolute best experience I ever had! Had an appointment with him on vacation, and I am now excited to start 2015. Certain doubts I had, he reassured me about and equipped me with enough knowledge to help myself grow as a person. I will forever appreciate everything Storm has done for me that visit. Looking forward to a FaceTime reading with him in the New Year.

Another 5 Star Yelp review had this to share:

Storm was everything we read about: personable, warm, and most important, not a clock watcher. He was more interested in giving my girlfriend and myself a thorough reading with personal details. Highly recommend and will seek his readings again.

Then I received this lovely letter in my inbox:

Thank you so much for your time today and sharing your special gift with me. It was truly a life experience I’ll never forget. I just wanted to share with you my recent thoughts and reflections from our meeting.

First I have a bit of a confession. I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that I was a bit of a skeptic about the whole idea of tarot card readings. I was genuinely just really curious to learn more and form an opinion of my own. It was intended to be more of an experiment than a need for putting life into perspective and having a spiritual connection of any sort. Boy was I wrong it would turn out to be so much more.

I went to our session with a heavy heart and a feeling of defeat and feeling broken…I was seriously considering rescheduling, when life would be less stressful… I feared I wouldn’t be a able to keep my composure,  thus turning my experience into one of those horror stories you hear about where you are practically doing your own reading spilling the beans and reading me would be so easy a monkey could do it.

But something honestly told me to get out of my head and see this as possibly the best opportunity to meet you…Thanks to you, I feel validated in more ways than one, more than words can truly describe. More importantly I feel like I can once again continue to take life head on and keep my eye on the end goal (btw I’m not a skeptic any more)…I look forward to the life lessons that await me and what I will give back to the world. I hope to stay in touch, get more readings and share our life’s journey with each other. Thank you again for this wonderful experience.

*snif* (Don’t mind me. I’ve something in my eye) *snif* I’m so very grateful for letters like these. They are a source of great joy and they keep me humble. So everyone benefits. *grin* My main point in writing this post was to give a gentle reminder that when we choose gratitude, we are happy (Don’t believe me? Listen to this adorable monk).

And while we’re on the subjects of gratitude and happiness, I’d like to segue from there to the expectations of the new year. Most people suggest making a list of resolutions, to work on things you think you need to change. However, if you do that, then you are not at peace with where you are. You are not in gratitude for what is. Consider this quote from Abraham-Hicks:
It’s a foreign concept to most, to think about what you want and imagine that it is so and feel all the wonderful feelings that the thought brings, it’s so interesting that you can just take a time out and imagine things as you want them to be and are able to accomplish a vibrational shift. That’s really all it ever took and all it will ever take to have everything you’ve ever wanted, and you can have it to the degree that you believe it. There are so many different experiences you can have, and you get to choose which experiences you have by what kind of energy you focus on.
The universe doesn’t judge between good and bad, when you focus on something you request it, you invite it in, you choose it. Do not focus on things that you do not wish to experience, but don’t push against them either or be afraid of them, just let them be and focus on what you wish to experience. 
May you find abundance all around you, positive energy emanating from within you, and dreams materializing before your very eyes in 2015! Happy New Year, dear reader!
~Storm Arcana (415) 260-2903 /

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