Having the Empress over for Tea

Recently I was contacted by an out of town traveler who wanted me to come to the Westin St. Francis hotel and read for her, her mother and her daughter. She told me they were visiting from the Midwest and would only be in town for the weekend. I was happy to relate that I had room in my schedule and so we arranged a time.

Once I arrived at Union Square, I was surprised to find out that the readings were the idea of the woman’s sixteen-year-old daughter. This young woman had found herself interested in Tarot, and upon doing some research, had decided that I was her first choice. I was flattered, of course, and a bit stunned, reminded once again of the willpower of the youthful. It has not been my practice to give readings to those under the age of eighteen because I have found that they lack the life experience and self-knowledge to receive the messages the Tarot provides. However, I have discovered in the past couple of years that young people these days are coming into their power much earlier than previous generations and this young woman certainly had a clear vision of her self, her life and her goals.

The sixteen-year-old’s openness and interest in the reading had obviously inspired her mother and grandmother to open their minds as well. None of the women had had a reading before and all were very respectful and present during each other’s readings. Usually I prefer to have readings one on one without anyone watching because I think of each reading as a phone call from Spirit and it can be awkward to have someone listening in. It can create an environment in which someone is not their completely true self. I approach each reading as a co-creation and want my clients to feel comfortable to interact with absolute freedom. However, I could tell from the start of my interaction with them that these women were a close knit family with no sense of hierarchy or judgment; all opinions and feelings were equally valid among them. These three generations of witnesses were also friends. It was glorious to behold.

I cannot share what we spoke of, for that is supremely confidential. However, I can relate how each woman took the information I gave them with serious contemplation and later communicated that they all found a personal message in their respective readings to inform their lives. I left the sacred space we created in that hotel room and found myself once again in the bustle of Union Square, grateful for having experienced an earth bound version of the Triple Goddess: Maiden, Mother and Grandmother.

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