Voyager Tarot

“The only real voyage consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes; in seeing the universe through the eyes of another, one hundred others–in seeing the hundred universes that each of them sees.” ~Marcel Proust

About five years ago, my friend Sheila Zuni came to see me and asked if I was open to using new Tarot decks. At that time I had won numerous awards for my X-Men Tarot system and it was (and is) a common misconception that that was all I used. Sheila asked me this question while protectively holding something to her heart. I smiled and explained that yes, I used many decks in my Tarot practice and was open to working with more. With a great sigh of relief, my friend gifted me her personal copy of the Voyager Tarot.

Sheila revealed that her deck was a first edition printing, showing me where the Roman numerals in the the descriptions of the Major Arcana were originally missing and she’d had to write them in. My inner wizard was pleased to see such a personal touch being handed down to me. It is a wonderful blessing when someone gifts me with a new deck, especially one they once used themselves. I remember using the Voyager Tarot the day Sheila gave it to me, fascinated by its use of photography and collage. I have enjoyed getting to know it over the years, and I am proud to share it with my clients when they ask for it.

The Voyager Tarot was created in 1984 by symbolist James Wanless and artist Ken Knutson. The cards are a vast departure from the Rider-Waite Smith deck’s dark lines and bold coloring, opting instead for a generous display of potent symbols relating to each card’s meaning. Many of the chosen images are from multiple world cultures, emphasizing the connectedness we all share. The Voyager Tarot also consists of new approaches to the elemental suits and the Royal Court cards. While the Cups and Wands remain unchanged, the war-like Swords are replaced with Crystals, focusing on the mind’s ability to “contain the light of consciousness” and to manifest this light into shape. Swords are often perceived as being negative or self-defeating, and this method empowers the reader to redefine their mind as a “clear, sharp, multi-faceted, and creative tool” with the element of air. The Voyager Tarot has replaced the money-focused Pentacles or Disks with the more expansive title of Worlds. Earth is inclusive to “the workday world, the financial world, the social world, the home world, and the world of the body.”

Traditionally the Royal Court cards consists of Page, Knight, Queen, and King. In The Voyager Tarot, they are renamed Family and consist of Child, Woman, Man, and Sage. The authors write, “Family cards symbolize your sub-personalities. They depict your personality polarities. Regardless of gender and age, you are yin Woman and yang Man, old Sage and young Child.” I appreciate that the Sage is “the highest, most complete expression of the qualities symbolized by the Attribute suit they represent.” This removes the patriarchal King from the top of the traditional hierarchy and honors wisdom and experience regardless of gender. We can all embody the best of each element and the lessons they contain.

The back of each card showcases an image of a cross-section of DNA (Desoxyribonucleic acid), the “genetic blueprint found in all living cells.” DNA graces the cards to symbolize “that you are the Universe in microcosm.” Notice that last quote speaks directly to the reader; all of the meanings for each card in the Voyager Tarot are written in second person. The information is immediately personalized. I believe this makes the message more direct and meaningful. Take this quote from the passage on Dimensions of the Universe Self, for example:

The structure of DNA is such that any one part is like the whole. The macro reflects the micro. Similarly, each human being is both a part of the universe and a micro-expression of its totality.

You must recognize your complexity in order to realize your full potential. Voyager Tarot’s symbolic portrait of the Universe Self is like the universe–and like yourself–full, intricate, interwoven, dynamic, and mysterious.

Speaking directly to the reader, the creators of this deck share their belief that the celestial power all around us also exists inside of us. They offer the Voyager Tarot as a way to navigate the symbols of our lives to greater understanding of our path.

Voyager Tarot is a vehicle for a journey into the inner universe of the self, a symbolic pathway to a full realization of your abilities. Through this symbolic voyage, you recognize that you are a universe and part of the larger universe we live in. That realization enables you to appreciate and utilize all your qualities and talents…

By internalizing symbols of the external world, we can realize the universe within us. Voyager Tarot reasserts the primary function of tarot as a growth discipline, a yoga of the symbiotic way.

I find the Voyager Tarot to be a wonderful tool for stimulating self knowledge and personal growth. Contact me today to schedule your Heroic Tarot reading with the Voyager Tarot!

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Voyager Tarot