Clownin' Around

Clownin’ around at an Alice in Wonderland themed party!

With the holiday season approaching, I have been reflecting on the fun I have bringing Heroic Tarot to house parties and corporate events. This past October I was impressed by the variety of presentation and panache of the homes and businesses to which I was invited. From the gritty streets of SOMA to the prestigious homes of Pacific Heights, the Bay Area has shown me it certainly knows how to party!

One of the October events for which Heroic Tarot provided readings took place in SOMA at a Halloween party for a tech startup. The party began after the workday ended and all of the employees were dressed up in fantastic costumes. I took it as a very good omen that my first client for the evening was a man dressed as Captain Jean Luc-Picard from Star Trek: The Next Generation. Readings took place in an all glass meeting room and two or three of the employees kept track of the sign up sheet for me, ushering in the appropriate person one after the other. Before their readings, many of my clients expressed that they had never had an experience with Tarot before, and afterward told me that they enjoyed the new perspective the reading gave them. I have found that Tarot and tech mixes quite well as both subjects are systems of information that require some degree of analysis. It is not surprising to me that San Francisco holds space for both magic and science!

That October I was contacted by a man who requested I bring Heroic Tarot to a house party he and his husband were having, but first he wanted an individual reading to get a feel for my delivery and personality. I was quite happy to oblige and our meeting went smoothly. The client explained that his party would be an all ages affair with an Alice in Wonderland theme. He asked if I was comfortable in dressing in costume for the party, suggesting that I would make an excellent Caterpillar. With a background in theater,  makeup, and overall frivolity I agreed (you can see the results in the picture at the top of this post). The party was spectacular and my hosts spared no expense at transforming their home into a candy-filled Wonderland. My concerns that clients would be unable to relate to me in costume vanished after the first few readings and I even found myself falling into character a little bit in that “Who are you?” kind of way. It was playful and profound as the readings went on into the night. I even read the cards for a group of fourteen-year-old girls who proved that our youth are much more knowledgeable than we ever give them credit. It was quite surreal to be the Caterpillar pulling cards for Alice, the Red Queen, and the Cheshire Cat.

Another party to which I was invited took place an our hour outside of San Francisco at a lovely home with a labyrinthine floor plan and sprawling gardens. I dressed up in my Hugo Boss best, arrived early via my City Carshare Yaris, and gave mini-readings for the hosts, a family of four. I was set up in a cozy room beyond the alcove of the front door. Once the party officially began, guests signed up for fifteen minute readings as they arrived. I worked until the party was over, approximately five hours. I received this email the next week:

I wanted to thank you very much for coming to our Under the Harvest Moon party. You did an amazing job and everyone was saying wonderful things about you and really enjoyed having you here as part of our party. The guests were so excited to have you do their readings and thought it was such a great idea. It made the evening! Too bad there wasn’t two of you!
Two of me? Now that’s a truly frightful thought! October was a splendid month, full of lovely people, beautiful festivities, and deep connection. I look forward to what December brings!
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Dressed in my Hugo Boss finery is my favorite way to work events!