I totally meant to blog about this when it came out (10/28/2008), but here’s Benjamin Wachs’ article in SF Weekly examining the X-Men’s move to San Francisco.  Wachs asks what part, if any, Marvel’s mutants would play in local politics and he polls X-Men editor Nick Lowe, Marvel Spokesman Jim McCann, Amazing Fantasy comic book owner Frank McGinn, and yours truly.  Wachs has a great wit, as evidenced in his writing:

“According to Nick Lowe, X-Men editor for Marvel Comics, the team’s making itself at home. Wolverine goes to bars in the Mission; Angel has bought the Transamerica Pyramid; the “young X-Men” team is living in the belfry of Grace Cathedral (I wonder what that rents for … ); and just this month, after a fight in a local BDSM club, team leader Cyclops had telepathic sex with his girlfriend, the White Queen … except it wasn’t really her, it was his disguised ex-wife, Madelyn, secretly returned from the dead. So, you know, typical Saturday in the Castro.”

Funny, right?  There’s more.  Check out the entire article!


For good measure, here’s an article about the X-men’s relocation in  It also discusses some of the parallels between being a mutant and being gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender.

Thanks to Benjamin Wachs for interviewing me.  It’s not everyday you get a phone call to talk about the X-Men like they’re real people and it wasn’t like I needed any encouragement *grins*.  For a more timely article, you can read Benjamin Wachs’ New Year’s Resolutions.  There’s one in particular that hit me a little too close to the heart.  If you read that and my Bio, I’m sure you can figure it out, dear reader.  But hey, I’m all for some parody, satire, or whathaveyou, no matter how much it makes me want to cry.

Today’s images are from the first and second issues of X-Men: Manifest Destiny, a mini-series containing short stories about the X-Men making their way to San Francisco.  Chris Sotomayor illustrates Iceman in front of the Golden Gate Bridge with inks by Brian Reber.  Humberto Ramos draws Emma Frost with inks by Brian Reber.