Heroic Tarot became a San Francisco sensation, winning multiple awards in the process, by combining the X-Men with traditional Tarot concepts. Today, I am excited to announce the debut of Batman Tarot!

Just like X-Men Tarot readings, Batman Tarot readings use a vintage playing card deck from the popular 90s cartoon. Based on the designs by animator Bruce Timm from Batman: The Animated Series, these cards feature such beloved characters as Catwoman, Alfred, Robin, Batgirl, Commissioner Gordon, Poison Ivy, and the caped crusader himself, Batman! These archetypal heroes and villains, combined with numerology and traditional Tarot concepts, create an experience that is singularly entertaining and profound in meaning!

Make your next reading a dynamic divination with the heroes and villains of Gotham City!

Heroic Tarot readings are an hour and are arranged by appointment. In person readings take place in San Francisco and gift certificates are also available for friends and family. Email me today to book your appointment!

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