Indi from the Faeries Oracle by Brian Froud

“Nothing can be truer than fairy wisdom.  It is as true as sunbeams.” ~Douglas Jerrold

This month Heroic Tarot celebrates the wisdom of the fae as found in the divination decks of Brian Froud! Famed conceptual designer and costume designer for the films Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal, as well as artist for The Faeries’ Oracle and The Heart of Faerie, writes that “the connection with the faeries is wonderful because it gives us an opportunity to experience the world in an open and connected way.” Froud believes that “there is great wisdom to be gained if we allow them to turn our prejudices and preconceptions upside down.” Heroic Tarot is proud to include them in readings with traditional Tarot cards and the X-Men superhero deck.

In his introduction to The Faeries’ Oracle, Froud writes:

The Faeries’ Oracle cards are portals that allow light direct from the faery realms to illuminate our darkness. They reveal a world of connection, meaning, and healing energy. Through these cards we can all be fellow travelers in these magical realms.

This month the light of faerie falls upon spiritual guide Indi (seen at the top of this post). When this Faerie Challenger appears, it is time to make a decision and stick with it. Indi wants us to give ourselves a definitive end date to make our choice even though Indi himself is a bit afraid of commitment. Known as Libra’s Bane, Indi has a difficult time deciding between one option over another, and can easily dissolve into confusion. In his introduction, Jessica Macbeth states, “He would be so relieved if we would just make our decisions and our commitments and stick to them. Then he might learn to do this for himself and be in a better position to help others.” Indi illustrates by his own example that at times it is feasible to learn from witnessing others learn.

The Faeries’ Oracle was specifically designed to assist you with “insight, wisdom and joy,” and The Heart of Faerie was created to focus on relationships. At the end of this post is a picture of card 45 of that deck, The Lady of Joy. This lady reminds us (in the words of Wendy Froud) that “joy can be found everywhere at any moment. It has no size limits, no sell-by dates, no conditions attached. It just is.” When this teacher appears, we are reminded that benevolence is an infinitely renewable resource and it is our duty to to give ourselves the gift of joy and pass it on. She and Indi are but two of the many wonderful teachers you will find in the decks of Brian Froud! Are you ready to journey into the realm of Faerie?

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