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Stormwatch: Is Storm the New Black Panther?


This image is making the rounds online and in this month’s comics.  The buzz is about Reggie Hudlin and Ken Lashely’s  new Black Panther comic this coming February.   The twist is that the new Black Panther is female.  Ads featuring possible contenders to replace T’Challa showcase Storm, Monica Rambeau, Sue Richards (The Invisible Woman of the Fantastic Four), the Dora Milaje (T’Challa’s elite bodyguards), Shuri (T’Challa’s sister), Echo (from the Avengers) and goddess knows who else (I’ve read rumors of an Elektra ad but I’ve yet to see it).  The only logical possibilities would be Shuri or the Dora Milaje as I have a hard time imagining a non-Wakandan filling such an important role.  It makes no sense at all for Echo or Monica Rambeau take on the mantle because they have their own power set and are not Wakandan either.  Even though Storm once dressed like a Black Panther in battle (in Jason Aaron’s three issue arc of the Secret Invasion crossover), I really see no reason for her to take on her husband’s job.  She’s got enough to do as it is as Queen and as an X-Man).   Ororo does look sexy and svelte in the outfit, however.  A cat suit looks great on her and I like the idea of Storm having claws.  Hardcore X-Men fans might remember this little bit of X-History from a Comic Book Artist interview with legendary artist Dave Cockrum:

“The original black female in the group was to have been called The Black Cat. She had Storm’s costume but without the cape, and a cat-like haircut with tufts for ears. Her power was that she could turn into a humanoid cat or a tabby. She wore a collar with a bell on it. When we came back to the project, after the hiatus, all of a sudden all of these other female cat characters had sprung up—Tigra, The Cat, Pantha—so I figured that we’d better overhaul this one! She wound up getting white hair, the cape, and becoming Storm.”

The image is kind of ironic viewed with that bit of lore, isn’t it?  Well, we still don’t know why T’Challa has decided to pass on his identity.  My bet is on Shuri.

The Storm poster is drawn by J. Scott Campbell.  It is my assumption that the ones below are drawn by Ken Lashley.

The solicitation information is as follows:

Penciled by KEN LASHLEY
50/50 Cover by KEN LASHLEY
70th Anniversary Variant Cover by MARKO DJURDJEVIC
Rated T+ …$3.99
FOC—1/15/09, On-sale—2/4/09



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  1. What does it say about comic representations of women that they can literally copy and paste different female faces on the same body for those posters? Two people having a similar build is one thing but 3+? Is this too nit-picky? Back to bed!

  2. stormantic

    You’ve got a good point there, Haupt. Unfortunately, the “idealized” female body in comics is the norm. The Dora Milaje have usually been portrayed as having a bit broader, more muscular build. Echo used to run around in a “man-suit,” remember? Don’t even get me started on that. I’m okay with Monica Rambeau having the typical superheroine bodytype and Shuri should have a wiry, strong body, too. Isn’t it amazing how Sue Richards got her six pack back after the birth of her not one, but two children? (Not that that doesn’t happen, but it’s was immediate)

    The cut and paste job is a bit unoriginal and I’m just glad that Storm got her own unique advertisement artwork. That’s leading some to believe that she will be the new Black Panther, but I’m still betting on T’Challa’s sister, Shuri.

  3. Haupt, I totally agree! I understand what they’re doing, but I don’t like it at all. Additionally, I don’t think it’s Storm. I see Storm going on a one-man Kill Bill type rampage. Her man is hurt. Somebody has to pay for that, mos def.

    I like the Storm pic well enough, and I’m an unabashed BP/Storm shipper, but I really do not care who the new Black Panther is.

  4. Yes, it is Storm.

  5. Mrs. Finney

    Nope read the current Black Panther series. Storm states it herself that she is not the Black Panther. By the way STORM RULES! (no pun intended^_^)

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