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Storm Sunday: Bloodstorm

Elemental Mutant + Vampire = Two Great Tastes That Go Great Together! Seriously, when Havok disappeared from X-Factor to star in the alternate reality title, Mutant X, I was soooo on board! First of all, the character designs were amazing and I was pretty wild about Tom Raney‘s artwork. Check out the cover gallery of the whole series! Tom Raney also has a cool fansite.  Havok is one of my favorite Marvel mutants, but he’s largely existed under the shadow of his big brother Cyclops ever since he was introduced. Havok finds himself thrown into a world where the X-Men as he knew it are no more. Beast is a mutated shamble of creature craziness, Archangel (now known as the Fallen, is more demonic than ever) and Madelyne Pryor is the Goblin Queen full time! But best of all, this reality’s Storm never shook off the curse of Dracula and feeds on her former lover Forge (and her quasi-adopted daughter Kitty Pryde). And that outfit! Woo Hoo! Hot stuff! The mohawk plus red eyes and fangs is beyond fierce (take that, Beyonce!) and her vampiric powers (turning to mist, summoning vermin) are a great addition to her regular weather casting powers! Yes, yes, hardcore devotees of our elemental mistress will point out that becoming a vampire is the exact opposite of what the character truly stands for, that the idea of the earth loving, goddess reverent Ororo Munroe that we know and love as a member of the undead (no matter how culturally sexy we may pretend them to be) is so wrong. But therein lies the interest, dear reader. Mutant X depicted a reality that was kind of like the Marvel Universe meets Ravenloft (a Dungeons & Dragons campaign world where the land itself is evil and tries to corrupt the adventurers). No character was spared from a fall from grace and I would posit that the reason Bloodstorm was used in Earth X is precisely because the character’s shift in polarity was intriguing. In Earth X, Bloodstorm gets a shot at redemption and makes it! That’s a beautiful character arc! There’s some great pictures of Bloodstorm on Comicvine.  Check out some back issues of Mutant X!


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  1. I just sat here and read through your blog and it is amazing. 🙂

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