aceofpentaclesHappy New Year!  Today represents a new beginning as we move into 2009!  I chose this Ace of Pentacles tarot card to celebrate this new cycle because Aces represent the birth of a new idea!  The sacred monkey of Thoth holds the pentacle, representing earth and the material plane!  All the things that exist with us in the physical realm begun anew!  That newness includes our bodies which are our true homes, vessels for our individuality.  May the light of enlightenment and protection shine on you and your path!  May you embody wisdom just as this monkey holds the Eye of Horus in his hands!  Blessings of magical brilliance are yours as you begin a new project, organize your home, or simply take a walk in the splendor or Mother Earth.  Let her ground you and guide you on your new path!  Blessed Be!