Heroic Tarot Reading

It is a lovely feeling when people let you know how you have touched their lives. It’s humbling and gratifying and beautiful. I am so grateful for the connections I forge with my clients. It is always my intention to create a bridge of understanding between us. Today I received this new 5 Star Review on Yelp:

I absolutely love Storm, he is very caring and helpful. I’ve met him twice in person. His readings were professional and accurate. He is more than a tarot reader, also a teacher, a friend. He gave me positive energy to look at things differently, I would definitely go back again. He is very warm and friendly.

I didn’t feel uncomfortable when I did the first reading with him, instead it was relaxing and engaging. It was a wonderful experience. I also recommended him to two of my friends, and they both had an amazing reading with him. Definitely one of the best tarot readers in the Bay!

Last month I received this personal email from a client:

I love the way that you read…your fluidity with the deck and layers of interwoven symbolism is wonderful to experience. Today, with you is the first time that I’ve had anyone do a reading by weaving numerology, and astrology so seamlessly. You are a wonderful tarot reader and so clearly seated in this aspect of your right livelihood. 

I really appreciate it when clients take the time to share their thoughts and feelings with me. It fills me with gratitude and reminds me that I am on the right path. Speaking of gratitude and happiness, check out this lovely video about how these two things are related. It’s a great lesson to take to heart!

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