King of Swords

“Truth without love is brutality, and love without truth is hypocrisy.” ~Warren W. Wiersbe

This month we celebrate the clear thinking of the King of Swords! In order to receive his message, keep in mind that all Kings in the Tarot depict mastery and authority in their suit and in this instance that is Air. Kings establish tradition and sustainability and can represent both yourself and another person in a reading. We do not need to limit our definition of the Kings as solely male either. Often Kings may depict anyone who is “fathering” things into a space of security and established rules.

The King of Swords specifically speaks to established ways of thinking, ways to analyze and how to communicate our truth to others. Writers, lawyers, philosophers and diplomats are typically represented by the King of Swords. In his best aspect, the King of Swords evokes Justice and a commitment to intellectual honesty. He is the only court card that looks directly at us, challenging us to speak our truth from a place of fairness and equilibrium.

What laws are at work in your life? How are you using your rational mind to make the best logical decisions? How could you be more fair to yourself and others? What is your truth?

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