This Sunday we take a look at a more obscure version of Storm as seen in the 2005 video game Marvel Nemesis: Rise of the Imperfects (a collaboration between Marvel Comics and Electronic Arts). Above, Storm wears an outfit designed by Terry Dodson for the PSP version of the game (Jae Lee designed the characters for the PPS2, Xbox, and Gamecube versions). You can read more about Terry Dodson’s involvement in the project and see his versions of Elektra, Thing, Captain America and more here.

I’m a bit torn on this costume. The headband is cool as it highlights her widow’s peak and gives her some old school lift to the back of her hair, but I’m keen on the big X on her chest. Maybe a lightning bolt would have worked better? I like the arm gloves, and Storm’s certainly no stranger to thigh high boots, but thanks to that thong, this feels way more Hellfire Club to me (like something worn by the Black Queen–Jean Grey or Selene, take your pick). I would’ve liked this as full bodysuit instead.

Here’s the gang of Marvel characters that were chosen for this game. It is strange seeing Magneto and Venom fight alongside our heroes (but it wouldn’t be the first time).
This is a screen shot of the game featuring Storm in her pixelated glory (that’s sarcasm, by the way). It’s a shame that Terry Dodson’s linework doesn’t really translate to the rough edges of the computer modeling. The costume also has some differences from the first image I’ve posted, so I suppose it’s possible that this one was designed by Jae Lee, but I’m not sure. Regardless, it’s way too skimpy and I just don’t get the red bit under her bosom.
It is worth noting that Terry Dodson drew the 1996 STORM solo miniseries penned by Warren Ellis. While I think the art for that series is above average (Dodson gives Ororo some nice curves and some actual *gasp* muscles), the story is rather forgettable. Colossus’ evil older brother Mikhail Rasputin traps Storm in an alternate dimension where she has to fight more *yawn* Morlocks. It also guest starred Cable *groan* and Forge *yawn*. The covers had shiny gold foil enhancements simulating her lightning (part and parcel of 1990’s comic covers).