pink-solstice-with-clouds-and-flowersSo here I am in all of my Pink Goth glory from Comfort & Joy’s Winter Solstice Celebration!  I performed “Flower in My Hand,” a song by Book of Love, my favorite band ever!  Book of Love was an 80s New Wave band whose electronic synth pop tunes always made me smile!  I was extra happy to share that love with the crowd in attendance that night!  Photo by Jason Fleetwood-Boldt.

pink-solstice-with-cloudsPerky princess STORM working the curls (Thanks for the wig loan, Silverfang).  I had it in my head that I was Bubbles from the Powerpuff Girls and this red light just reinforces that idea!  Although diehard Powerpuff Girls fans would have remembered (unlike me) that Bubbles wore blue and not pink.  Oops!  Whatever.  I won’t let that little detail derail my fun.  Like my friend Brian Socko says, “Yeah, I like to play pretend, too!”  Photo by Jason Fleetwood-Boldt.