Slowly they’ve been creeping into your local drugstores, easing out the rows of half-priced Halloween candy and costume accessories. They’ve sidled up next to the turkey-themed tablecloths and cornucopia candles like vultures circling roadkill. They arrived in bright, gaudy copious amounts and there’s glittery, metallic, and blinking versions of them. You know of what I speak. The winter holiday decorations are here. And it’s not just them, it’s what they’ve brought in with them. 

The holidays have devolved into a time of the year in which we’re told to rush against the clock, to buy objects that we exchange as substitutions for emotional intimacy. We are informed–in this time more than any other–that success is measured in terms of what we own. A Christmas carol of commerce. Scrooge in his finest unapologetic hour.

This does not have to be our reality, however. We can choose to transform this vibration. Imagine a world in which success is defined by generosity of Spirit and relationships are strengthened by the sharing of resources. Love is expressed with no fear of scarcity. We no longer base our requirements on those who have and those who do not.


Tarot maven Mary K. Greer gives us the key to actualize this world when she writes in her book “Who Are You in the Tarot?” about the 6 of Pentacles:

Your challenge is to give with no conditions, according to your ability, and contrariwise, to receive what is freely given. Only then will you find true stability and security in your relationships. When success is measured in terms of what you give, everyone shares in it. When it is measured in terms of what you get, then you are chained to the need for more.

In order to create a more generous world, our gifts need to create a new community-based commerce. San Francisco artist Yabette Alfaro has long been an advocate for shopping local and supporting freelance creators. She believes that “Conscious culture eschews commodities in favor of experiences.”  Therefore, we can invest in ventures that promote interpersonal learning. Who do you know that would benefit from a service in your local community? What connections could you create in the spirit of generosity this season? What adventures could you sponsor?

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Bright Blessings & Happy Holidays!

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