a-collage-close-upIt’s no secret that I love comic books.  I simply cannot imagine my life without them  However, as much I love reading comics, I also love to rip images out them to collage tables, books and canvases.  Then I paint over the images with oil or acrylic paints.  Yes, it may seem sacrilegious, but some comics just don’t make the grade, you know?  They might have a really cool image that just screams for release outside of the covers.  Take the above photograph for instance.  The X-Men image with Havok and the original X-Men comes from a poorly made Marvel Comics Poster Book.  The Kool-Aid ad was the back cover of some really awful 80s comic book (same with the Trix advertisement).  Don’t they look much better with the trippy origami paper and Spider-Man stickers?  They went from irritating interruptions in a pretty bad story to stars in a red-color schemed universe of paper!

a-collage-four-legsSo here’s a view of the table.  It’s not that large, approximately 12″ x 12″ x 12″.  I continued collaging the legs and sides, sticking with the red color scheme.  Much of the red paper came from an Admissions book for the Academy of Art in San Francisco.  The giant A’s are from junkmail I received from the American Auto Association who think I still have a car three years after I sold it.  Bless their hearts.

art-087Now we jump forward a couple of days worth of painting to the final project.  You can see here how I broke the red color scheme and added designs of my own to the piece.  This was not a decision I took lightly.  Originally, I really wanted a monochromatic color scheme, but the red paint just made the table look like something had been sacrificed on it.  It was much too bloody.  So I added a little yellow and then suddenly green and blue and white got in on the action too.  What I like about painting over these collages is what bits remain.  Lots of images just don’t get to survive the painting process and I never know what’s going to need to be removed to satisfy the composition.  The paints are artist grade acrylics.

art-085Side perspective of the table.  I wanted to show how I worked on the entire piece.  Each leg is covered with images and then painted to give it a sculptural all around appeal.

art-0861And another view from a different side of the table.  I’m really digging the salt water taffy pastel colors that infuse the work overall.  There’s something about the pink and light blue that makes the red less harsh.  The table is sealed with many layers of Polycrylic so it can be used as an artistic addition to any room.  I’m a big believer in art that is usable as well as beautiful.

This piece is on display and can be purchased at Swankety Swank, a San Francisco gallery and boutique specializing in conscious consumer commodities.