I have been an avid reader of the X-Men comics and a reader of the Tarot since I was in my early teens. I thought it would be an entertaining exercise to “cast” my favorite mutants as The Major Arcana. This is a fun way to learn about the Tarot archetypes if you are an X-Men fan, or a great way learn about some awesome characters if you are a Tarot practitioner. When studying mysticism it is always a good idea to keep mixing it up. It’s important to keep concepts flexible!

Professor X by Marc Basile (after Jack Kirby)

1 The Magician: Professor X

Professor Charles Xavier is the most powerful telepath on the planet. Or at least he was, until he died in the recent Marvel crossover Avengers Versus X-Men. However, this is not the first time the good Professor has been regarded as deceased. Thanks to his character being a huge part of a company franchise, we can all rest assured that at some point in time he will be back.

Professor X had a dream that all mutants and humans could exist in harmony with one another. He used all of his resources to work towards this dream. He spearheaded the modern day mutants rights movement. The Magician is known for his commitment to higher consciousness. He has a strong sense of self and likes to be in control. He helps us focus our energy on the situation at hand and he hones our communication skills as he is aligned with Mercury. Professor X used his amazing willpower to not only train his own mind without a mentor, he also become a teacher for others.

A shadow side to the Magician is that sometimes in his quest for achievement there is a danger of manipulation. This can lead to subterfuge and duplicitousness. Over the years, Charles’ “dark side” has taken over many times, leading even his closest allies to mistrust him. Overall Charles has focused his intentions on being a clear channel for change in the world. This makes him the best X-Man for the Magician.

In my Heroic Tarot X-Men Series I wrote about Professor X as represented by the four Aces. Aces are equal to the number one, which corresponds to the Magician as being the first lesson of the Major Arcana. Aces are  beginnings and one cannot have the X-Men without the man who represents the “X” itself. All we need is an starting point, a place to concentrate our will and attention and X marks the spot.

Professor X by Phil Noto

Artwork by Marc Basile (after Jack “King” Kirby) and Phil Noto.