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Storm Sunday: Simone Bianchi, Part II


If you’re a Marvel X-phile, you probably already know that artist Simone Bianchi is making his mark every month on Marvel’s Astonishing X-Men.  You might have seen his work in a couple of issues of Wolverine where Black Panther and Storm guest starred.  I have to admit I did not read these issues once I realized that Ororo and T’Challa played a peripheral part in the story.  Later, I found these images from Wolverine #53 and added them to my computer’s image gallery.  I really enjoy the rendering of Storm above.  She looks a bit like Naomi Campbell to me, but with more substance (sorry, Naomi, but Storm would never throw her cell phone at anyone).  

Storm’s hardly in this image, but I had to share it anyway because of the detail in the evolutionary charts and the technological interior.  I love how Bianchi manages to makes Wolverine look feral and noble.  His art infuses comics with a classical grandeur.  I almost wish his art was allowed to stay black and white.  I don’t think it needs color to detract from the elegance of the lines.

sketch_54_fullBianchi has amazing drawing skills.  This an artist who knows his anatomy.  Consider this sketch and compare it to the realized painting below.  

paintings2_18_full1I find the painting to be exquisite, but I almost prefer the sketch.  Perhaps it’s the revelation of the process that has me captivated.  Or maybe it’s because the sketch does not contain all of the intricate design work of the painting.  Still, the control and detail is amazing.  I am struck by how the subject is illuminated in all of its monochromatic glory.


More gorgeous pencils.  No space is wasted in this sketch.  Design elements inform the entire piece.  Best of all, this piece has mood.  It carries a feeling.

sketch_23_full1I love the implied kinetic action in this piece.  The fact that it hasn’t been colored in completely endears it to me all the more.  Bianchi draws kickass angels!


And to further illustrate my point about Bianchi’s understanding of anatomy, I chose this sketch to share with you, dear reader.  Bianchi is a modern master and as much as I enjoy his Astonishing X-Men every month, I would love to see what he would do with his own creator-owed work.  Please check out Simone Bianchi’s site for more amazing art.


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  1. Naomi? I’m seeing Tyra Banks here. Thanks for posting these. Even if BP & Storm aren’t a big part of the story here, the art is beautiful and I can always use nice scans.

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