The Archangel Raphael as interpreted by Yours Truly

I have recently spoken with many people who feel they are rushing headlong toward their futures without clarity or direction.  They tell me they are afraid to stop moving for fear of everything collapsing around them.  Goal-focused, they have not the time to enjoy the things in their lives that give them meaning.  I can certainly relate to these feelings.

Tonight I was reading The Secret History of the World by Mark Booth.  In it, he writes about letters the esteemed poet Rainer Maria Rilke sent to a friend.  I quote this passage from Booth to remind us all of things we might have forgotten:

(Rilke writes) a young friend to follow ‘the almost imperceptible directions of the heart’ even when any hope of reward seemed uncertain, misguided, even almost certainly hopeless…’if you should still be wrong, that natural growth of your inner life will still lead you slowly in the course of time to other perceptions. Let your judgments have their own quiet, undisturbed development, which must, like all progress, come from deep within, and cannot in any way be pressed or hurried.’ He advises his reader to ‘allow every impression and every germ of feeling to grow completely wholly in yourself, in the darkness, in the unutterable, unconscious, inaccessible to your own understanding, and to await with deep humility and patience the hour of birth of a new clarity…Only the individual who is solitary is brought like a thing under the deep laws, and when a man steps out into the morning that is just beginning, or looks out into the evening that is full of happenings, and when he feels what is coming to pass there, then all rank drops from him as from a dead man, although he is standing in the midst of sheer life…’

Booth explains that Rilke is speaking of the parts of life that are unknowable.  The mysteries of life show us we cannot know anything for certain.  When we accept this we open ourselves to “spiritual regeneration” and “angels enter our consciousness.”

So let us continue to work with the mysteries of life in awe and reverence.  Let us not shut down these areas of our process.  The world is not a machine.  God does not wish us to live in ignorance.  So let us join the forces at work in our lives as co-creators, choosing love over fear.  Keep thinking about the mysteries of life and open yourself to their power of the Universe.