Alien Progeny Series: Mars

Last year I spent a few months in the desert of Santa Fe, New Mexico.  It was surreal to witness the beauty and wonder of that land.  Every night I drank in the sight of never-ending constellations.  Morning and night the the sun rose and descended in majesty, wearing the prismatic robes of cloud formations. During this time I continued working with my Heroic Tarot clients, but by phone instead of in person.  This separation forced me to focus and hone my energies in more direct ways.  It made me a stronger reader.  When I returned to San Francisco, I found myself drawn to watercolor, due in part to the desert palette of New Mexico.  I worked furiously to bring visions of strange creatures to life on paper.  The first of these beings I dubbed “The Progenitor.”  This work (seen below) lived up to his name, spawning ten more images.  It was only after some time had passed that I started to see these beings as manifestations of planetary influences.  Mars (the image above) was the second image, then Venus, then Uranus.  I realized that I was channeling galactic ambassadors.

The Alien Progeny Series is a collection of ink and watercolor portraits investigating planetary energies from the perspective of the supernatural. Each creation provides a medical intuitive map of their intergalactic composition.  Each is for sale (except for The Progenitor which is already in a private collection) in the stormantic Magick Shop (simply scroll down to see them all).

The extraterrestrial ambassador from Mars (above) is a winged and horned being, both angel and devil having fought on both sides on many occasions.  Its dark leg bones ground it in the material realm as its heart chakra explodes with the light of a fallen star.  Rainbow hues illuminate its purpose of championing strength and valor. It has no mouth to speak as its throat chakra bleeds to the ground.  Silence is louder than war.


Alien Progeny Series: Progenitor

The Progenitor erupts with brilliance out of a Stygian darkness.  Its third eye almost encompasses its entire skull, so great is its power. This is the ambassador of primal creation in all of its glory.

Alien Progeny Series: Venus

Streaked in violets, greens and grays, this monk-like the extraterrestrial ambassador from Venus focuses on six levels of love consciousness (note there are six holes in the pelvic spinal bone, six levels of vertebrae and six holes for the mouth).  The blankness of the its eyes are as receptively open as its third eye.

Alien Progeny Series: Uranus

This piece depicts the extraterrestrial ambassador from Uranus.  His face is the blackness of creation, birthing many eyes.  Wings sprout above his splattered fiery heart chakra.  Stars twinkle around him as his hair rises to the heavens, a nimbus cloud of bright intelligence guides his visions.  His visible arm, leg and pelvis bones represent his ability to materialize anything from his imagination.

The entire series containing Mars, Venus, Uranus, the Sun, Earth, Mercury, Pluto, Saturn, Earth’s Moon, and Neptune are for sale in the stormantic Magick Shop!