Thanks to Blog@Newsarama and Project Rooftop, I just learned about a fab artist that I really want to share with you! This is Ming Doyle’s rendition of Dave Stevens character, the Rocketeer! Dave recently passed away and many wonderful artists have been paying him homage with their talents by drawing his character!This image feels really grounded in real life to me (the attention to detail in the clothing and hair as well as the body type) but the fantastic elements are nicely alluded to with the futuristic backpack and helmet. Great job!I found this fun image of Young Justice on Ming Doyle’s site. Looking at art like this really makes me miss Bart Allen (Impulse) and Conner Kent/Kon-El (Superboy). (For those of you who don’t know, those two characters were senselessly killed off after having the fun sucked out of them.)

Anyway, Ming’s got a lot of really great depictions of well known characters as well as some all new creations. They’re definitely worth a look!This one is titled “Bird Goddess.” I love the attention to detail in this piece, the roots, the facepaint, the musculature are amazing. I especially like the main character’s hand over the bird goddess’ larger hand.