The Empress“Love yourself first and everything falls into line.” ~Lucille Ball

Greetings, dear reader!  This February Heroic Tarot falls into the arms of the quintessential mother herself, the Empress!  This Major Arcana card (as illustrated in The Cosmic Tarot above) brings creativity into our lives and helps us manifest abundance.  The Empress is the mothering instinct within all of us.  She loves us unconditionally and teaches us how to treat others in the same compassionate manner.  She is the wellspring of fertility within us all that brings our goals into fruition.

When she appears it is important to ask ourselves, “How am I using my creative and nurturing qualities in my life? What projects need my love and care?  What is inspiring me?  How am I treating my body?”  Schedule your Heroic Tarot reading today and let us explore these questions together!

Contact me to reserve an individual or couples reading, order a gift certificate or inquire about having Heroic Tarot at your event!  Telephone readings area also available by special appointment.  I also teach one on one Tarot classes!  I have listed my in person February schedule below and will update as appointments are made.

Bright Blessings & Best Wishes!

~Storm Arcana

* * * * *

February’s Heroic Tarot Schedule

* * * * *

Wednesday, February 13th: 4:45, 6 pm.

Thursday, February 14th: 3, 4:30, 6 pm.

Saturday, February 16th :  4, 5:30 pm.

* * * * *

Please let me know if you have a special scheduling need. I may be able to accomodate times not listed on this schedule.  However, I cannot accomodate any in-person appointments after the 16th of February. ~S