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Storm Sunday: Tim Sale

This is hands down my favorite Storm Sunday post! At last night’s event at the Isotope, artist Tim Sale drew me the pride & joy of my nascent collection of artist sketches. Tim had never drawn Ororo before and was really curious about my fascination with her. I talked his ear off about why Storm means so much to me after receiving this amazing piece of artwork! I’ve been a fan of Tim Sale’s since reading some battered copies of The Long Halloween. It was an honor to meet the man himself!

Not only is Tim an accomplished artist, as evidenced by his work for NBC’s Heroes, DC Comics and Marvel, I’m happy to say that he’s a perfect gentleman and a very kind, considerate and compassionate man. One would think this anyway after viewing his lush linework and emotive washes, but after having dinner with Tim and his lovely partner Christina, I am convinced of it. I was fortunate enough to hear stories about his career, his father and how Christina and he met. It was all so inspiring and amazing and my admiration for the man has increased a hundredfold!

After working last night’s event (which I will write about more fully in a separate post), I sat at my desk for a long time, just staring at this rendition of my namesake, my hero and my inspiration. There was a time (a very long time ago) when I believed that she was all I had to aspire to, because the flesh and blood people in my life weren’t people I wanted to emulate. These days, the universe is showing me just how wonderful and beautiful people can be. All of a sudden, I’m surrounded by them. And I feel very very fortunate and blessed that for a brief moment, Tim Sale was one of those people. I encourage you, dear reader, to seek out his work and make it a part of your collection.

***And for those of you in San Francisco, Tim has generously allowed Isotope to showcase original artwork from Heroes for a few weeks! Pop in and check out the work and pick up a copy of Batman: Dark Victory, Batman: The Long Halloween, or Superman: For All Seasons!


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  1. Ken

    That is pretty sweet. I saw some of those sketches he was doing on Saturday night and they all looked pretty awesome.

  2. STORM

    Thanks, Ken! Yeah, I wish I had a scan of his rendition of Morrissey that I saw Saturday! That was definitely no “Hatful of Hollow”!

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