dp_ww_tpb1Wonder Woman #179 (1968) cover art by Mike Sekowsky and Dick Giordano.  In this issue Diana’s mother reveals that the Amazons have to leave our dimension to renew their powers.  Diana opts to stay behind, losing her Amazon abilities.  However, she quickly learns martial arts, opens a boutique and starts wearing super-hip all white costumes with major mod flair!  More information can be found at Barry Keller’s Pop Thought.  

I chose this image because it reflects how I’m feeling these days.  It’s a meme for creating a new self in the age of a newly elected government leader and a dying economy.  In many ways it feels like the magic that informed my life has had to leave the world to recharge and I must reinvent myself to adapt to the challenges ahead.  I just realized how ironic it might seem to find empowerment in a storyline in which the lead is dis-empowered, but I think it’s great that Diana chose to stay in our world when she could have gone with her Amazon sisters and retained her status as an Amazon princess.  She felt called to adapt herself to a new way of life in a world that she wanted to help change.  That’s the lesson I’m choosing to learn from this story.