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Storm Sunday: Neal Adams

gsxmen003005Neal Adams is one of comicdom’s greats.  No two ways about this, folks.  You might know him from his Green Arrow/Green Lantern work or his early X-Men work or even from his belief in the expanding earth theory.  Or maybe this is your first exposure to this comics master.  Well, no matter.  Check out his wikipedia page or his personal site for amazing work and bibliography.  Today’s Storm Sunday showcases Neal’s art from Giant Size X-Men #3 (a sort of untold tale of the All-New, All-Different crew).  

Thunderbird (the Native American with the headband on), Sunfire (with the topknot and Rising Sun motif), Nightcrawler, Colossus and Storm battle each other (but mostly (Wolverine) in the Danger Room.  I like Adams’ inventive panel layout in the above page and I like how Storm’s powers are depicted in contrast with the extreme closeup of her face in the last panel.  Storm’s emotional distress practically radiates off the page.  But, really, what the hells is she wearing?  That pantsuit is horrific.  

gsxmen003007Nightcrawler surprises Storm and Thunderbird suckerpunches Wolverine (who quickly recovers), but Banshee ends the ruckus in his inimitable fashion (by screaming, natch!)

gsxmen003008Wolverine shows off his hairy muscles and takes a walkabout.  You don’t need the dialogue to appreciate his cocksure attitude.  You can almost hear him saying, “Thanks for the workout.  Just so you know, I’m going out and I’m taking the franchise with me.”


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