One of my favorite memories is reading battered borrowed copies of The New Mutants, a Marvel Comic spin off from the ever popular Uncanny X-Men! When the New Mutants became X-Force, a death knell rang out in my heart (yes, dear reader, sometimes there’s bells there). Never again would I be able to enjoy those characters in quite the same way again. The team splintered, and then splintered again. There was some mini that brought the team back together again (the less said about it, the better, IMHO) but it just didn’t capture the glory of the team when they were under Chris Claremont’s pen and the linework of Alan Davis and Bill Sienkiewicz. Hells, even Bret Blevins had some mutant mojo goin’ on for a while. But with the advent of Rob Liefeld and…(must resist urge to vomit)…Cable (WTH?) things for the junior class of mutants were never as golden again. We got Generation X, X-Force, X-Factor, X-Terminators, Fallen Angels, New X-Men and now the upcoming Young X-Men, but my heart still belongs to The New Mutants. Enjoy these primo pix (Unfortunately, I do not know the artist that did the super-cute cartoony image of the kids that headlines this post, but it is signed BABS, so maybe that helps):Arthur Adams did some amazing work with these characters. Check out the detail! in the picture above! For more Art Adams yumminess, pick up The X-Men Asgardian Wars from your local comics retailer!Now compare and contrast Adams’ piece with Alan Davis’ clean sleek lines in this great team shot (there were a lot of blonds on this team, lol). Oh yeah, and Cypher was cool! Don’t let anyone tell you differently! Rahne on the other hand….oh, never mind.
In this image, we have Danielle Moonstar (formerly Psyche and then Mirage) and Amara Aquilla (better known as Magma). It is unknown whether or not Dani still has her illusion casting abilities. She was left powerless from M-Day and was recently shown in The Initiative without them when she trained Trauma, but this promo image clearly shows an energy arrow, so I dunno what to think. Regardless, Dani and Amara look stunning in this Terry Dodson cover for Young X-Men #2 and that is why I’ll be picking it up.And here’s Young X-Men #1’s cover (also by Dodson). I think he had to throw in Rogue, Emma, Wolvie and Storm just to detract from the overall ugliness of most of these characters (Wait! I like Dust! She’s definitely cool). Apparently Cyclops has the kids go on a mission to kill the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants for him. ‘Cause, ya know, that’s what heroes do. Kill people. Oh how I miss the high school hijinks of yesteryear.