Ororo as drawn by Phil Noto. He gives a certain gravity to her character. Not only does he depict Storm with a sturdy build, the costume seems to weigh her down, especially the capes which look more like drapery. Conversely, her hair is cloud-like and wispy. The tiara could use some thickening, but it’s nice overall.  Her expression is a bit flat, but perhaps she’s simply concentrating.  It is challenging to invoke emotion with a character who is depicted with no pupils (when she’s using her powers, natch).

notoxmenPhil Noto painted this image of the X-Men featuring Rogue, Wolverine, Archangel, Cyclops, Beast, Phoenix and Storm.  What’s interesting about this image is how it mixes together old school costumes (Phoenix, Cyclops, Storm) with the 80s Wolverine costume and the Jim Lee designed Rogue costume and the Archangel as Death costume (originally seen in the first X-Factor series).