I miss Mike Wieringo. His death really unsettled me. It came a few weeks before my birthday and I scoured the internet for what people had to say about him and it was A LOT! He was so well loved and his art so adored! I cried and cried as I read the amazing testimonials! I wish he had been able to live a much longer life.

His wikipedia page is here.

His deviantART page is here.

Comic Book Resources has a eulogy here.

Mark Waid & Todd Dezago reflect on Mike’s passing here.

Mike answers 5 Questions for Newsarama here.

You can order the Mike Wieringo font from Comicraft here.

His site www.mikewieringo.com seems to have some kind of bug that shuts down browsers. I dunno what that’s about. Google has a warning in its searches.

The images below are by Mike (I lifted them from his website). For my birthday, I printed them out and colored them an hour before my Super-Hero & Super-Villains party. Then I placed them all around the house. People kept asking me if I drew them and I had to say no, and then tell them all about Mike and how, even though I never met him (and to think we were both in North Carolina!) how much of an influence he was on me. Wonder Woman gets a more zaftig figure in this pinup.Aquaman gets back to basics (and youthful, thank Goddess!)
Black Canary demonstrates why she’s a slice of capable cheesecake with a butt shot and a flying kick!Scarlet Witch is simply enchanting!

A clean and classic rendition of Doctor Fate.

You can order the Mike Wieringo-themed Modern Masters book here.

His ComicVine profile is here.