This is a bookshelf of mine that I collaged and painted a few years back. It’s one of my favorite pieces. So much so, that I brought it with me cross country from North Carolina to California when I moved to San Francisco in Fall of 2005. The images are soaked in water, blotted and then applied with matte medium to the wooden bookshelf. Many coats of matte medium are brushed over the images and any air bubbles are smoothed out. Then, oil paint is applied on and around the images. On this piece I wanted to leave the images intact. There’s a lot of my favorite characters on here besides Storm; Can you spot Umar, Shaman, or Polaris? I wish I’d painted over the Jubilee stuff more, but those images are from the storybooks based on the old cartoon and at the time she was pretty cool. Not so much to me nowadays. This bookshelf holds my favorite writings and is my main altar of intention.