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For the last two years, Heroic Tarot has provided comprehensive readings to a diverse clientele from San Francisco and beyond!   As we adventure into 2012, I am committed to bringing you Introspection, Intuition and Insight more than ever.  To celebrate Heroic Tarot’s birthday, I am offering a new reading that will focus on what you can expect to encounter in 2012!

This new reading–called The Triumph Reading–will examine which Major Arcana cards correspond to your Birth Year, and the lessons that they bring to your life.  Looking at the challenges associated with 2012 will open you up to more magickal possibilities!

I will continue to offer my Classic Individual Readings answering questions micro and macro for one hour.  Classic Individual Readings use the entire Tarot deck, result in a large spread and can address specific questions in a more conversational manner.

The Triumph Reading also lasts an hour, but only uses the Major Arcana cards corresponding to your birth date and your challenges in 2012.  Throughout the month of January, I am offering The Triumph Reading!

I have posted my January schedule here. Email me when you are available to come in for your reading and let me know whether you want a Classic Individual Reading or The Triumph Reading.

I am excited about bringing this new service to you!  I wish you Bright Blessings in this new year!

~Storm Arcana



My name is STORM and I endorse this tea bag yogi® wisdom. #heroictarot #tarot