Every Tarot reading is an opportunity for reflection.  Each card gives us valuable insight into our mental, emotional, physical and spiritual aspects.  Such careful consideration is a powerful tool for self-discovery and self-actualization.  Tarot exists to create self-change.  What an amazing gift!

Why not treat yourself to a Heroic Tarot reading this holiday season?  And while you’re at it, why not share the gift of reflection to your friends and loved ones in the form of a Heroic Tarot Gift Certificate?

To order, simply email stormantic(at)gmail(dot)com with “Heroic Tarot” in the subject heading! After payment (PayPal or credit card via Square), your loved one’s gift certificate will be mailed to them in time for the holidays!

Need more information about Heroic Tarot?  Consider these reviews from our Yelp page:

Arnaud wrote:

I am completely blown away by Storm’s reading. Storm is very nice, emphatic, non judgmental and very intuitive. He is able to articulate the meaning of each Tarot card with the context of the individual’s situation.  He was on time, he did not rush the reading and he simply followed the path of each card to explain me past and future.  I LOVED it when he told me he does not read cards reversed. I am in total agreement with that. There is enough to say about each card (yin and yang) without having to add the complexity of trying to interpret them reversed.  Thank you again. The reading was ***** AWESOME *****


Heroic Tarot

Kisara gushed:

I can’t believe how amazing this experience was. I’m still smiling about it even though I did the reading about an hour or two ago. I was so afraid and skeptical before I went up to him and asked him for a session. But, I must say, I’m really glad that I had this experience. I’m not as afraid as before, and I will do my best to take the advice that he has given me. The cards were very accurate about my current situation and I’m really happy that I went to him for help. Not only that, but I felt very comfortable talking to him! I can’t properly reflect how happy I am right now and I want to say thank you 1000 times(but that will surely be annoying, haha). I’m very grateful. Thank you, Storm, for being so kind and generous, and for giving me this reading.  I applaud him for his wonderful work and for giving me a wonderful experience. Not only that, but just finding someone who’s so into helping others was a great sight to see!  Stay awesome Storm! I will definitely know who to go to next time I’m stuck!

Ryane shared:

Storm is a pure soul and he is very accurate.  He is very knowledgeable and seems to have a passion to help the person he is reading for. I like the way he makes you feel very comfortable and explains everything to you in full detail. I live in Los Angeles and made the effort to have a reading done by him purely because of his reputation. He lived up to it. Definitely an amazing reading by an amazing person.


Heroic Tarot window

Thank you for considering Heroic Tarot this season! A gift of the spirit is a fine present indeed!

Happy Holidays!

~Storm Arcana