leia and chewie

This book got my attention in October of last year, and I only shared one image.  I was looking through my Flickr set today and found the rest of the photographs that made me feel like a young boy again.  I think you will like them as well, dear reader.  Enjoy!  Above, Chewbacca (Peter Mayhew) gives Princess Leia (Carrie Fischer) a lift.

the star wars cast

The principals of the Star Wars cast (Mark Hamill, Carrie Fischer and Harrison Ford) relax around the mastermind himself, George Lucas.

darth and luke

Darth Vader threatens to make Luke Skywalker fall into…a pile of mattresses! Oh, the horror!

boba fett

Ever wonder what it takes to dress the universe’s most notorious mercenary, Boba Fett?

Han Solo

The epitome of cool: Harrison Ford as Han Solo chillaxin’ behind the Millenium Falcon.

han solo and leia

A fun behind the scenes look at Harrison, Carrie and Billy Dee Williams between takes.