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Storm Sunday: Michael Golden

Michael Golden - Storm

We conclude our recent Michael Golden appreciation with a look at Golden’s interpretation of the X-Men’s Storm!  Above, an inked sketch by the master himself.  Love the pose, the facial structure and the lighting on her costume.  Golden designs Ororo’s tiara much larger than it is usually depicted, but the proportions are great overall.  And like Dave Cockrum (Storm’s creator), Golden gives Storm a massive mane of hair!

Michael Golden Storm pencils

Here’s the same image before it was inked.

Michael Golden Storm

This image of Storm by Golden is really something!  I like the structure of the tiara much better in this sketch, and the chiaroscuro of the cape, bikini and boots is truly beautiful.  Storm’s expression is one of seriousness and her power is undeniable.  The wispy tendrils of her hair wrapping around her cape are the most unique detail of this piece.  I do not recall ever seeing anyone draw her hair this way before.  What do you think about this interpretation, dear reader?


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  1. Christian

    Hey STORM! Man, it’s been a while. Can’t believe I haven’t posted in so long. And with having only done so few and far between, I’m embarrassed.

    With that said, I can’t believe I have NOT heard of Michael Golden before. These images are superb! The first image looks like it could have been done for a con; the way he handles the shading is a little more pedestrian compared to the image on the bottom. Nonetheless, it’s still super cute, with Storm’s face looking content and her left leg popped up like that. And yes I agree, girlfriend’s hair is fierce!

    By the goddess, the second image… I am at a loss for words. Golden knows how to light. I love the hatching he does in places; it differentiates between what part of her body is skin and what is leather. The placement of her feet combined with the blank background make for an interesting combination. Ororo could easily be walking towards her enemy or falling backwards on a cloud. I like to believe it’s the latter 😉
    And, again: the hair, the hair, the hair! I haven’t seen anything like it anywhere on the internet. Not from any other artists or any other glorious comic book manes like Medusa or Starfire. Each strand seems to be charged with electricity, making her seem all the more powerful.

    Thanks for sharing these awesome finds!

    • Thank you , Christian for your awesome comments! I really appreciate it and it is great to hear from you! I saw the image that you made for me on a F*** Yeah Storm Tumblr blog the other day (of course, the n00b didn’t credit it you but it was nice to see it on the ‘net)


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