Golden - marvel heroes

We continue our Michael Golden appreciation with more amazing artwork by the modern master!  Today we look at old school Marvel Comics images as well as convention sketches and commissions! Click below to marvel (pun intended) at Rogue (Michael Golden co-created her!) Doctor Strange, Clea, and more!  Above, 1980s Marvel heroes (and anti-heroes, we see you Punisher and Elektra) super-spar around a statue.

X-Men Companion by Michael Golden

Michael Golden drew the cover to The X-Men Companion featuring Marvel’s mutants in their classic togs of the 80s.  Everyone has some kind of “V” design element on their costume.  The lines on Colossus, Nightcrawler, Wolverine and Kitty Pryde’s upper torsos are pretty obvious, but the shape of Cyclops’ undershorts and Storm’s bikini bottom are also inverted chevrons.  I appreciate how Golden uses these lines to accentuate their superheroic anatomy. Golden’s X-Men are solid, dynamic and visually stunning.

Michael Golden - Rogue

Michael Golden co-created Rogue, the mutant with the ability to steal the powers and memories of anyone she touches.  She debuted in Avengers Annual #10 as a villain who fought (and won) a battle against Earth’s Mightiest Heroes!  The above sketch depicts Rogue in her Brotherhood of Evil days (led by her foster mother Mystique).  The maniacal smile as she reaches out with her ungloved hand is a great portrait of the early days of Rogue.

Michael Golden Rogue based on Bachalo costume

In this beautiful sketch, Michael Golden draws his creation in a costume designed by Chris Bachalo.  The slight hunch in her posture, the gleam in her eyes and the slight smile are perfect.  Considering her powers, drawing Rogue with a hint of menace makes a lot of sense to me.  Check out the shadow of her ungloved hand on her cloak.  Genius!

marvel 1982michael golden

I posted the color version of this 80s Marvel Comic house ad already, but I had to share the black and white version as well!  Such a great group of characters!

Michael Golden The Defenders

I adore the The Defenders and this cover by Golden featuring Ghost Rider while Hellcat, Son of Satan, Doctor Strange and Valkyrie look on is stunning!

Michael Golden Gen X Annual 1996

Michael Golden drew the cover for this 1996 Generation X Annual.  I love the action of this double spread, but my favorite part has to be his depiction of the White Queen as she holds on to Chamber.  Gorgeous!

Michael Golden - Doc Strange & Clea

This sketch of Doctor Stephen Strange and his disciple and lover Clea captures the love and mysticism that these two share.  Michael Golden always gives his characters life, especially in the eyes.

Michael Golden - Doctor Strange

Golden is no stranger to the wonders of chiaroscuro!  He expertly manipulates light and dark to render a magickally moody Doctor Strange!

Michael Golden Clea

His Art Nouveau skills are up to par as well as Clea weaves a spell with snakes made of smoke!  Such grace and beauty befit this sorceress!

Michael Golden Clea and Strange

Here the classic occult couple cast conjurations!


Doctor Strange looks like he could give Vincent Price a run for his money in this detailed drawing!

golden - marvel universe - 1982

And because it is awesome, I am including this image again.  Thanks for reading stormantic!