drstrange portfolio - golden 003

Michael Golden is one of the comic industry’s greats and his depiction of Doctor Strange (among many other characters) is seminal.  A master illustrator, he is often cited as one of Arthur Adams’ influences.  He is also the co-creator of the X-Men’s Rogue!  Today we celebrate a few of his Doctor Strange images from a portfolio he created in the early 1908s.  Above, we have a lovely image of the good Doctor with his disciple and lover Clea!  The detailed designs in this drawing are breathtaking and remind me of J.H.Williams III’s later work on Promethea!

drstrange portfolio - golden 001

The Ancient One was Strange’s mentor in the magickal arts and this portrait of sage and student is stunning!

drstrange portfolio - golden 004

Doctor Strange’s nemesis, the dread Dormammu stands among his minions of Mindless Ones while other mystical mages look on.  I love this image and can see how this work might have inspired Mike Mignola (of Hellboy fame).  Check out the rest of the images from this Doctor Strange portfolio at the inspiring blog, Marvel Comics of the 1980s.  I featured some Michael Golden comic gems here.

Michael Golden’s FaceBook page is here, and you can follow his new work on the Eva Ink Artist Group site (did you know Golden is the new cover artist for Spawn?!)

Marvel Calendar 1980 Doctor Strange - backcover by Miller

Staying with our 1980s Stephen Strange theme, feast your eyes on the back cover of a Marvel Calendar from 1980 by Frank Miller!  What a richly detailed piece of artwork!  I love seeing the good Doctor researching spells in a rare moment of downtime.  Here’s a Marvel Comics house ad promoting the Doctor Strange Roger Stern/Frank Miller creative team that never was!

miller 1981

And finally, we end today’s spotlight with a sketch of Doctor Strange and Clea by Frank Miller (1981).