If you don’t know about Leslie Hall, you’re missing out! On what, exactly, you ask? Well, watching this Iowa rapper (via Boston) is like watching a trainwreck of gem sweaters, rapping, bright makeup and beanie babies. You just have to watch her videos to believe what your eyes and ears are telling you. It’s that hypnotizing and disturbing (I recommend multiple viewings to get the real gist of the new reality you’re being exposed to). Thing is, it’s all quite familiar. Who hasn’t seen one of those gem sweaters and gone, ohmigod, get it away from me! But Leslie has turned that repugnant fashion statement into gold. Lamé, that is.

Watch this video and be amazed!

The woman has to be on to something. She got Elvira to work with her on a remake of “Zombie Killers.”

Leslie is going to be in San Francisco this Saturday and nothing could keep me away from seeing her in all her pantsuit glory! For ya’ll in the Bay, come to the Rickshaw Stop (155 Fell Street) and celebrate the anniversary of Cockblock @ 9 pm ! Show’s only 10 dollars. Afterwards, DJ Nuxx and friends spin.