Cliff Chiang Goblin Queen

We recently celebrated the art of Cliff Chiang this past Storm Sunday and today we feature his amazing sketches of some of Marvel’s fiercest “bad girls”!  Above Madelyne Pryor, Goblin Queen of the X-Men cross-over Inferno (and clone of Jean Grey), poses with her demonic cohort N’astirh.

Chiang Magik

My favorite female New Mutant Magik is all flair and fury in this amazing artwork by Chiang.  Her stance captures her rebelliousness and strength so well!  The draping of her hair over her shoulder is one of my favorite details of this piece.

White Queen by Cliff Chiang

If you have been reading stormantic for a while, you may have become a fan of Emma Frost from White Queen Wednesdays by über-fan Ken Kneisel.  While White Queen Wednesdays are a thing of the past we can still celebrate this bad girl turned good, especially when she’s drawn this well!  Here Emma stoically stands amidst the flames of Hellfire!

Emma Frost by Cliff Chiang

Emma Frost and her Hellfire goons mean business in this commission by Chiang. I love the simple lines of Emma’s costume and her sleek hairstyle.  Check out Cliff Chiang’s site for more awesome artwork!