Crook and Flail

Today is my Solar Return!  As has become stormantic custom, I like to take a moment to celebrate the highlights of the past year!  It has been a while since I have written an update and I am excited to share my happiness with you!

I was so honored to be asked to contribute to the new Tranmetropolitan artbook that came out this year!  I tried out a new style that really pushed my artistic boundaries and I was lucky to find a great colorist as well!  Read all about it here and here.  The rendering I used for that project is definitely influencing my new pages for third installment of Princess Witch Boy (on which I am currently working)!  Those of you unaccustomed to my memoir-fantasy project, please read the first and second issues.  I am really proud of this upcoming issue which focuses on Velvet, a half-djinn painter and her struggle with her half-sister Virago.  Above, artwork detail from a page of Princess Witch Boy #3.

I am proud to say that my Heroic Tarot business is going strong even while I have been travelling this summer.  Not only have I been able to give in person readings in many of the cities I have visited, many of my regular clients have joined new folks in receiving readings on the phone or via email.  I have taught classes, learned new ways of working with the cards, and received some great new reviews on Yelp as well! If you would like to make an appointment, please email me at HeroicTarot(at)gmail(dot)com.  Also, I will be returning to San Francisco for the month of October, and that means I will be once again giving readings at the illustrious Swankety Swank store! I will be posting my hours for appointments on this website next week!  I would love to share my talents with you!

Uncanny X-Men CockrumWhile I have not been able to keep up with as many comics as I used to when I worked at the Isotope Comic Book Lounge, I have found some great reading copies of comics that I enjoyed as a youth.  Among these are the Classic X-Men issues by Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum (including my very first X-Men comic), some early Doctor Strange books, and The New Mutants Asgardian Wars annual.  These great reads have given me a sense of childlike joy all over again and (mostly) sated my need for sequential storytelling while I have been on the road.  I cannot wait to visit Isotope again and buy the comics that are being held in my saver box: the limited series X-Men: Schism and the new Alpha Flight series.  I decided to give Schism a try after reading the first issue (the series is written by Jason Aaron) despite my own “no more mutants” edict.  When the series is completed I will review it here.

Uncanny-X-Men Cockrum

I will always be grateful to Chris Claremont and Dave Cockrum for their creation of our weather goddess.  They gave me a hero on whom I patterned my life.  Those older stories can be read again and again and they still inspire me.  And even as the current Marvel writers and editors claim to understand Ororo and yet keep her as window dressing with no real power or prominence, all will be well.  Nothing can diminish those stories with which I grew up.

This year I also got to have a great WonderCon experienceact in an independent filmvisit friends and family, and take my tarot to new cities.  There has been magick occurring on all levels of my life and I am so grateful to everyone with whom I was able to collaborate (in whatever form that manifested).  Many thanks to all of my friends, clients and loved ones for your support and kindness!  May your lives be blessed with clarity, purpose and abundance!

All the Best!
~Storm Arcana