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Storm Sunday Extra: Cliff Chiang

storm by cliff chiang

Cliff Chiang is one of the most interesting artists working in comics these days!  Don’t believe me?  Check out his convention sketches on his blog for proof!  His sleek clean lines are gorgeous and there does not seem to be a character that the man cannot draw!  Above, a head shot of mohawk Storm begins our appreciation of Chiang.  But there’s Storm as Janet Jackson, a fastball special, Marvel Girl and more after the jump!

cliff chiang - album covers - storm

Chiang loves to create comics/pop music homages and this Storm/Janet Jackson is my favorite.  Both ladies know a thing or two about control.

Storm by Cliff Chiang flying

Cliff Chiang draws a lovely classic Storm as well as punk as evidenced by this sketch.

cliff chiang x-men

This gorgeous Paul Smith influenced piece perfectly captures the 80s X-Men era.  Check it out in color at Chiang’s tumblr.

Cliff Chiang Marvel Girl and the X-Men

The memory of Marvel Girl inspires this sketch of a classic X-Men lineup.

fastball special - by cliff chiang

Colossus and Wolverine play “fastball special” in this convention sketch.  I love seeing the blue pencil lines beneath the inks.

Chiang DC Women

To celebrate Chiang’s newest assignment (you do know about the relaunched Wonder Woman series, right? It’s right around the corner!), I thought it would be fun to include this Runaways inspired version of Wonder Woman (on guitar), Zatanna (on bass), Batgirl (on drums) and Black Canary (vocalist) as a rockin’ band.  Gotta love those star spangled jeans on Diana! For awesome Cliff Chiang goodness go buy a copy of his collected Doctor 13 stories “Architecture and Mortality.” You won’t be disappointed!


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  1. The Paul Smith-influenced page is utterly brilliant. 🙂 Kitty’s exercise costume was absolutely iconic of that period, as is Rogue’s 80s-do.

    The classic Storm shot is so dynamic, I really love it. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen her look that powerful.

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