Elvira Vs Storm by Diego Gomez

Diego Gómez is a San Francisco-based illustrator, designer and performer with a style as unique as the city from which he hails.   As the above image of Elvira, Mistress of the Dark versus Ororo, Mistress of the Elements, attests, his art is glamourous and humorous!  I have been wanting to shift the focus of Storm Sundays to more edgy independent artists for some time now, and it is a pleasure to finally showcase a few images of Diego’s awesome art!  Diego’s fluid linework graces many pages of the tongue-in-cheek transexual superheroine comic Glamazonia, written and created by Justin Hall.  He also shares my love/obssession for the X-Men’s weather goddess and I always get a thrill when he tags me in one of his images of Ororo. I really appreciate his queer artistic sensibilities.  Let’s shine the spotlight on Diego Gómez!

X-Face Collage by Diego Gomez

First up is a bevy of X-Men!  I simply had to have a copy of this print when Diego sold them at WonderCon a few years ago.  I love his interpretation of Marvel’s merry mutants! Everyone’s got awesome bone structure!  His Emma is cold, but still sultry, Storm is reminiscent of Grace Jones (and sports a very Barry Windsor-Smith version of her mohawk), Psylocke’s mind appears occupied elsewhere (appropriate for a telepath), Cyclops looks like he just escaped the pages of GQ (check out that chin!), Nightcrawler is dashing (like his Errol Flyn hero) and I love the waves in his hair!  Jubilee looks age appropriate and Dazzler is working her New Wave look with an expression that makes me think she might have taken ecstasy.  This image makes me wonder how Diego might portray Banshee and Angel (two of my faves).

Storm & The White Queen by Diego Gomez

Recently, Diego Gómez posted these images of his dollar bill series featuring Storm and the White Queen on U.S. currency!  I was instantly impressed with his command of old school Ororo and Emma.  His attention to detail is stunning and both women look amazing!  Luckily for us, he didn’t stop there!

iGot5OnIt by Diego Gomez

Diego continued with his dollar bill meme and gave us a total of 5 mutant mistresses!  From top to bottom we have Storm, Emma, Psylocke, Polaris and Dark Phoenix! I am impressed with how each woman has unique facial structure and expressions (compare Polaris with Dark Phoenix, for example).  Of course, Diego makes their hairstyles look unique as well.  I recommend that you click on the images to see the exquisite detail.  Which one is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments!  Diego has intimated that this is the first in a much larger series!  Can we expect Rogue or Dazzler in the next grouping? Stay tuned!

Glamazonia Page23 by Diego Gomez

Justin Hall’s creation Glamazonia, The Uncanny Super Tranny recently came out with a 120 full-color graphic novel featuring the campy exploits of the transexual superheroine!  Diego draws the main story and it is as funny as it is beautiful!  Above, page 23 showcases the design skills of Diego and the over the top elements that make Glamazonia a must read!  This splash page is psychedelic sexy fun!

Glamazonia Page13+14 by Diego Gomez

I had to share this double page spread of eye candy from Glamazonia pages 13 and 14 by Diego Gómez.  Periwinkle Journal has a lovely review of Glamazonia here!

Keep up with the exploits and artwork of this amazing rising star:  You can follow Diego on his DesignNurd website, on Facebook or on Twitter!