I wanted to cleanse my mental palette after posting that atrocious SkrullStorm piece (see post before this if you are brave and bold), and what do I find but this wonderful depiction of the classic Star Wars crew as Rock Stars! I love it (although having Darth Vader in the middle is a bit distracting; everything else makes sense to me, but maybe he’s the puppet master making them all play Metallica covers at his whim)! Poor Leia’s face got a bit smooshed in above her nose, and somebody took a few yards off her dress, but I guess the boots and tights make up for a lot of that. Also, Luke’s wearing stacks. Yeah, right, like that whiny brat could work tall shoes. Chewbacca on drums, though? That’s genius.
If anyone knows the artist, please drop me a line and I will credit them. I found out about it on Twitter through some random url. I’m looking at the crowd and I’m betting the artist painted in their friends in the crowd. Love the guy in the glasses. Represent!