Transmet girl

Yesterday I shared one of my two pieces of artwork from the new art book Transmetropolitan: All Around the World, celebrating the acclaimed comic by Warren Ellis and Darick Robertson! We looked at the two boy prostitutes Matt and Luke from Transmetropolitan #40.  The above image was based on the young girl sex worked that was friends with the boys.  She is never named in the comic and as such has an air of mystery around her.  The above image was drawn and by Yours Truly and colored by the fantastic Allen Passalaqua!  Below I share my original inks, some reference from the Transmet issue and my preliminary sketches for the piece.

Transmet girl inks

Here’s my inks without the addition of Allen Passalaqua’s gorgeous colorwork.  Allen was able to reproduce the girl’s shine down to her multicolored day-glo earrings.  He even textured the walls behind her.  I am happy to say that I have already sold the original artwork for both Transmet pieces to private collectors before the book even came out!

T 15

It was so easy to fall in love with this street smart, yet somewhat naive character after reading the lines Warren Ellis gave her.  This unnamed street urchin really tugged at my heart strings, making her one of my favorite characters from the comic.

T 13 cropt

It was this line that really captured me though.  Out of the mouths of babes as they say.

Transmet characters by STORM

Originally I wanted to show the girl in full form, standing in the street, perhaps, or on the corner as she plies her trade.

the girl by STORM

I tried a variety of poses as you can see here, but none of them really worked for me.  I felt like I was adding too much emphasis on the sexuality of the character and I wanted to be sensitive to the character’s age (It is not stated how old she is, but I think 12 is not too far from the mark).

STORM's Transmet Art

Ultimately I decided to close up on the girl’s face and try to show her worldliness and her innocence.  I felt that, like the boys, that the eyes were going to reveal their stories in ways words could not.  I wanted to make portraits as a photographer would if these characters were real because they do represent a real world issue.  I do think I glamorized them a bit.  One of the boys isn’t as doughy as he is in the comic and the girl’s face isn’t as round Darick drew it, but I do have a tendency to beautify things.  I will leave the grit and grime to Darick’s capable hands and just thank him that he gave me an opportunity to show the world what I can do.  I hope you like it.