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The New Mutants by Bill Sienkiewicz

Sienkiewicz New Mutants

The New Mutants are characters very near and dear to my heart.  I fell head over heels with them in the 80s and still adore them to this day.  I love that there were more girls on the team than boys, I find their individual looks to be stunning and distinctive, and my favorite issues are from when the masterful Bill Sienkiewicz drew them.  From left to right, Sunspot, Cannonball, Wolfsbane, Warlock, Mirage, Magik, and Magma.  Not pictured are Karma and Cypher.


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  1. That was a series I was lettering, as I did with a lot of things Chris Claremont wrote at Marvel and elsewhere. Bill was drawing the adaption of David Lynch’s film Dune at the same time, and I suppose he was really getting into the costumes, textures and reactions to situations beyond what he was doing in Moon Knight, because he decided to draw New Mutants at double-size. That is to say, he worked at the size of the Golden and Silver Age originals, 17 x 22, rather than the then current size of 11 x 17. Fabulous stuff. (I had to work at twice the usual size too, of course, though fortunately it didn’t take twice as long.) Chris was stuck for a code-name for Doug Ramsey, so the name “Cypher” was my little contribution to the series.

    • stormantic

      WOW! I had no idea that you named Cypher! He is one of my faves! Thanks so much for sharing this info with us! I am still working on getting Qs to you for an interview! Thanks so much Tom! You rock!

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