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X-Men Montage by John Byrne


John Byrne’s X-Men legacy is forever and this amazing montage filled with the characters he helped make famous is proof positive! ¬†Click on the image to make it larger. ¬†Can you name everyone?



X-Men by Bill Sienkiewicz


Wolverine by John Bolton


  1. Who’s the negative-space person in the upper right in front of the sentinel?

    And yay, Hussar! I think that’s her name, with the red skin, from the Imperial Guard. I always liked her, visually.

  2. I adore Hussar! It’s awesome to know you do, too! I believe the negative space person in front of the Sentinel is Proteus!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    I love the Dazzler LP on the lower left!

  4. What is that sign Aurora is holding? Will work for c**K?

  5. Wow…when I recognized Modt, Jahf, the Recorder, and Arcade’s male crony (the only name on the entire page who escapes me, though I recognize him), it really hit home just how much the Claremont and Byrne team specifically contributed to the X-Men legacy. And how little life I have, but never mind.

    The only problem I can see with this picture is a glitch in the coloring. Lorna looks like she’s been raiding Ororo’s wardrobe here…funny how one little color error can make me hate a costume that, when done correctly, is my favorite Polaris look of all time.

    On a wardrobe note, Manta and Destiny should totally have traded fashion tips.

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