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X-Men Montage by John Byrne


John Byrne’s X-Men legacy is forever and this amazing montage filled with the characters he helped make famous is proof positive!  Click on the image to make it larger.  Can you name everyone?



X-Men by Bill Sienkiewicz


Wolverine by John Bolton


  1. Who’s the negative-space person in the upper right in front of the sentinel?

    And yay, Hussar! I think that’s her name, with the red skin, from the Imperial Guard. I always liked her, visually.

  2. I adore Hussar! It’s awesome to know you do, too! I believe the negative space person in front of the Sentinel is Proteus!

  3. Ken Kneisel

    I love the Dazzler LP on the lower left!

  4. What is that sign Aurora is holding? Will work for c**K?

  5. Wow…when I recognized Modt, Jahf, the Recorder, and Arcade’s male crony (the only name on the entire page who escapes me, though I recognize him), it really hit home just how much the Claremont and Byrne team specifically contributed to the X-Men legacy. And how little life I have, but never mind.

    The only problem I can see with this picture is a glitch in the coloring. Lorna looks like she’s been raiding Ororo’s wardrobe here…funny how one little color error can make me hate a costume that, when done correctly, is my favorite Polaris look of all time.

    On a wardrobe note, Manta and Destiny should totally have traded fashion tips.

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