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Emma Frost by Arthur Adams

Emma Frost the White Queen by Arthur Adams

Some time ago, White Queen Wednesday writer Ken Kneisel bemoaned the lack of Arthur Adams drawn images of his favorite mutant telepath in this post and this one.  I have been saving this image as a special treat for him and you, dear reader, ever since I stumbled upon it in one of Adams’ recent Art Samplers.  I am interested in what he and you will have to say about this particular rendition of Emma from Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely’s New X-Men run.  Personally, I love the stacks and the long hair, especially with half of it covering her face.   Adams’ Frost is appropriately icy and reserved on one hand, and steaming and sultry on the other.  Feel free to leave your comments below! Cheers!


Starfire by Arthur Adams


X-Men by Bill Sienkiewicz


  1. Even though I dislike this costume immensely (it screams ‘go-go dancer with broken ankles’ a little TOO loudly), Art Adams draws a magnificent Emma. Her form and poise is exquisite, her hair looks like it’s fresh from the salon (as it should), and the look she’s giving lets the viewer know, in no uncertain terms, that ‘no matter what I wear, I am STILL better than you.’

    Perfectly in-character. The good FAR outweighs the bad here. ^_^

  2. I’m with Ingonyama….Adams is *perfect* for Emma, but I wish it was her classic fur-collar/cape outfit.

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