Doctor Strange by Bill Sienkiewicz

Did Doctor Strange just summon Bunnicula or something far worse?  I’d sure like him to make that rabbit go back in his hat, stat!  In today’s post we take a look at some art of the legendary Bill Sienkiewicz from the back pages of an issue of Marvel Fanfare!   Feast your eyes on graphic portraits of Dazzler, Shanna the She-Devil, Thor and the Hulk!

Dazzler by Bill Sienkiewicz

Dazzler is a diva on wheels in this kinetic splash page!  Love the light bubbles all around her!

Hulk by Bill Sienkiewicz

Hulk smash to the very edges of the panel!

Shanna the She-Devil by Bill Sienkiewicz

Shanna the She-Devil relaxes in her jungle habitat.

Thor by Bill Sienkiewicz

Quite possibly the happiest Thor I have ever seen.  His smile beggars description and his hair goes on for miles.

I hope you enjoyed today’s look back at the work of a modern master!  Cheers!